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Nov 30, 2012 12:00pm EST
what he is going to say in this speech is that he wants a deal which raises taxes on the wealthy and he'll specifically say he wants a deal that raises tax rates on the wealthy not just limits deductions and other things. interestingly, scott, on the air force flight over there a white house spokesman briefed reporters and told them he was surprised republicans were so surprised about the details of the president's offer yesterday because the president talked about so much of this stuff early on. i can tell you that offer went over like a lead balloon here on capitol hill. republican members of congress were not thrilled with $1.6 trillion in new taxes and $50 billion in new stimulus style spending. that's what the president laid down on the table yesterday. obviously it's just a marker and a first opening ploy in these negotiations. a long way to go from here. but what the president is doing now is trying to sell this plan to the american people and use that to put political pressure on republicans here in washington to agree with it. >> thanks so much. we'll monitor the president. if
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm EST
with the leadership on the tax issue. there's talk now that some republicans might be willing to accept higher taxes for the wealthy. this would be a break-through. we're monitoring that. now to what sue was talking about on apple. there are some firms raising margin requirements. i think the main catalyst today was an at&t investor conference where executives of at&t gave sales figures for smartphones for the first two months of the quarter that basically implied sales will be flat for the quarter compared to the same period last year. this includes smartphones, samsung as well as the iphone. the concern is that iphone sales might disappoint a little bit here. ipad shares may be on the weak side of the tablet market. >>> citigroup laying off 1,000 people and the financials are the bright spot of the day. very depressing story, frankly. >> it is at this time year to lose that many jobs. thank you, bob pisani. we'll cover apple in-depth later in the hour. >>> it is worth taking another look at citi. trading up almost 6.5% at $36.49. the banking giant slashing 11,000 jobs, taking up to $1 billion in c
Nov 30, 2012 4:00am EST
. tokyo stocks end the week at a seven month high. plus president obama will take his case for tax hikes on the wealthy to the american people today as the war of words between democrats and republicans over the fiscal cliff heats up. >>> the trading session sitting roughly flat on the stoxx 600. decliners and advancers about even this morning. markets are trying to digest these comments from draghi. first, let's take a look at the bourses. s it is the last trading day of the month. just one left to go in this extraordinary 2012. ibex 35 appropriately enough is ending in the red today. other indexes showing a little bit of a rise here. we've seen spanish and italian debt come in sharply and the yields falling today. we saw the euro-dollar adding almost 0.3%s this morning. dollar-yen up two thirds of a percent in the light of perhaps japan may be getting moring a yes, sir sif on st ing a grefs saggressive on stim. let's get over to deidre wang morr morris. >> yes, the japanese data was good, but also the economy still stuck in deflation. hang seng down half a percent. we had pic stay in f
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am EST
pressing his case for a proposal that actually leaked last night seeking 1.6 trillion in tax hikes. republicans in morning balking and cliff fears prompt another company to issue a dividend and it's whole foods. >> owner of taco bell, kfc, have warned that sales hit the skids. the shares yesterday hit a fresh high. >>> facebook unlikes zynga. zynga shares are plummeting this morning on the news. >>> never an ego boost for the ceo when the stock falls on the news that he's keeping his job. that's exactly what's happening with groupon as the board keeps andrew mason. >>> the president heading to a pennsylvania factory this morning. republicans have given a thumbs down to the president's plan which includes a $1.6 trillion tax increase, 50 billion in infrastructure spending for next year and limited entitlements cuts. more companies issue special dividends. whole foods will pay $2 a share. kbw yesterday. what's more interesting to you, jim? the cliff discussion and madness or the notion that these companies said we were not managing our balance sheet in the most efficient way. >> i'm
Dec 6, 2012 4:00am EST
cliff if republicans don't give in on higher taxes on the wealthy. you can see we're weighted to the up side by a ratio of 8:1 at the moment. finland is not trading today, so you may see some quotes not doing very well. we saw apple stock having the biggest loss in four years. the ftse yesterday slim gains really. up 0.4%, the dax up a quarter of a percent. is this a this is where we stand as we wait for the announcements from the ecb. we're up at a 52 week high for the xetra dax. cac 40 up half a percent and ibex up half a percent, as well. take a look at bond yields. we looked at that auction yesterday from spain. they raised 4.3 billion. years went lower. nevertheless spanish yields today 5.4%, slightly lower from where we closed, but they did move up substantially after a handle of 5.2. we'll keep our eye on gilts, as well. we'll look ahead to the bank of england. nothing expected from them, of course. 1.8%. david miles was the only man who voted for more qe at the last meeting. as far as currency rates are concerned, euro-dollar at the moment 1.3068, just below the highs during the
Dec 3, 2012 2:00pm EST
optimism about a greek resolution. in the other corner, continued worries about what else? tax hikes and spending cuts. notice i did not call it the fiscal cliff. so ultimately which wins out? let's ask gina sanchez, director of equity and asset allocation at rubini global economics. dan, i know you've been traveling, london, san fran, all parts in between last couple of weeks. how concerned are your clients about what's going to happen on january 1st? >> it's not so much that they're concerned about what happens on january 1st because i think the bulk of our meetings have focused on the fact that this isn't really a cliff so much as a lot of people have been saying a slope. more importantly to your first question, i have been on the road for the better part of 2 1/2 months now. i don't really get many questions or have many debates about greece or spain anymore. i think there's definitely a back burner element to what's going on in europe as people focus whether it happens on january 1st or not on the fiscal cliff. >> let me follow up with that real quick. here's the thing -- the gr
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
his no new tax pledge will be targeted at the primary level by tea party members. i'm taking this masterful behind-the-scenes player at his word that he controls almost all the republicans. because almost all of them signed his oath. so a deal could be tough. plus i'm now calling for no vacation without legislation. no vacation without legislation. because the holidays are slated to begin in a couple of weeks. which doesn't give enough time to get the job done. so you have one side that is insisting on tax increases and offering no spending cuts, and then you have the other side which has pledged no tax increases which assures no deal can occur. after all, even if the president offered heavy-duty spending cuts like he did during the debt ceiling fight, the republicans can't compromise because of their blood oath in norquist. they aren't allowed to and the president's line seems to have hardened. doesn't it seem to you like he thinks that the wealthy and those who own stocks are exactly the same? now as far as the public not knowing what awaits us, we got a whole new school sp
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am EST
forward by republicans saying it doesn't address the president's pledge to hike taxes on the wealthy. the plan includes $800 billion in new tax revenues by cutting loopholes and deductions, but leaves the bush era tax cuts in place for everyone. that's half of what the president has proposed. it also cut $1.2 trillion in mandatory and discretionary spending. the republican plan includes $600 billion in entitlement savings and raising the eligibility age for medicare and changing how cost of living increases are calculated for social security. white house officials say the two sides will continue to negotiate ways to avoid the year end fiscal cliff. >>> and president obama is meeting with a group u.s. governors today around 10:00 a.m. eastern. it includes jack markell, mary fallon, scott walker. the governors will discuss how the fiscal cliff will impact their states and possible solutions. it's also expected to meet with house republicans, as well, this week. >>> and oracle is amongst the latest of speeding up their dividend pay outs to avoid possible tax hikes because of the fiscal
Dec 3, 2012 3:00pm EST
multi-step solution here, including what he's after is $800 billion in revenue through tax reform. that's obviously significantly less than the $1.6 trillion the president asked for his-n his initial offer last week. other details in this offer being reported by nbc. health savings of $600 billion. other mandatory savings of $300 billion. a revision to cpi of $200 billion. and further discretionary savings of $300 billion. guys, it looks like the horse trading is alive and well here in washington. now this offer being extended from the republicans. you can assume that the white house will not think this is enough tax revenue to go forward, but, of course, offers are being exchanged here so that's a sign negotiations are under way, guys. >> let's get into the details here. $600 billion in health savings. what does that mean for medicare? break it down in terms of where these savings come from. >> i wish i could. what we don't have here is a lot of detail hanging off this christmas tree at this point. we're looking at a couple of bullet points being released now in terms of the scale of t
Nov 29, 2012 1:00pm EST
points. republicans realizes taxes are going to go up, everyone realizes what's going to happen to rates. what we still don't know, what are the democrats proposing to really cut. put on the table, get it out there and let us know what it is. >> how volatile do you think this market is going to be the longer this goes? >> i think if you're the day trader type you absolutely trade it because you love volatility because that's how you're going to make money. if you're the long-term person, i don't think you chase it at all. i think you remain patient, stay on the bid side, let prices come to you because i think they will come to you. the longer this goes on the more frustrated this market is going to get. then it will start to make et cetera own own and we know what happens then. >> thank you, kenny. eggs and purgatory, tyler. that's the recipe of the day. i think it is quite apropos. >>> house speaker boehner voicing his disappointment over the state of the debt talks. so is there still a chance for a deal before the end of the year? here to explore that and more, representative bill pask
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
's guest of lumber liquidators, they're mean-spirited debates, the pledge is not to raise taxes, it's costing this nation a once in a lifetime opportunity to reassert itself as the leader of the free world. and faster growing the repressive communist world to boot. you are in the ability to give us a deal, any deal is crushing our economy. allow me to explain. since i read @jimcramer on tw twitter people say i'm biased. i believe that the compromise that all the common sense people are looking for, some combination of spending cuts, higher taxes and pro-growth initiatives doesn't come into play anymore in washington. too many pledges, too much ideology. i l am part of the 2% that's going to have to pay more. i have the highest effective tax rate possible, 48% for a variety of reasons. but i am willing to pay more because i used to pay more at one time and i'm grateful for what this country has done for me. i know that those of us are lucky enough to have done well in this country have had a really good run and it's time to show gratefulness, even if we think the government may be pr
Dec 5, 2012 3:00pm EST
on a bipartisan letter from lawmakers that's. putting tax hikes and entitlement cuts firmly on the table. >> i'm bill griffeth. let's show you, and the charts tell the day's story, as it usually does. can you get when the president began speaking at business round table and we learned that at least 40 house republicans are breaking ranks to talk about anything, all possibilities as they said in an open letter. right now the dow is up 110, near the highs of the day. 13,062.59. the nasdaq is going the other direction. blame apple and overall technology having a tough day. down 13 points right now on the nasdaq at 2982. the s&p is holding with a gain of about five points. we'll have more on the markets in a moment. first, let's get to what's going on in washington. more republicans breaking ranks to join what we hope will be a bipartisan call for higher tax rates and entitlement cuts. eamon javers on capitol hill has the very latest details for us. eamon. >> reporter: hi, bill. that letter does call for the speaker to negotiate, including all options on the table. it is a bipartisan letter. we sh
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
rally. >> is that because of the tax -- not the tax, the rate cut. >> well, right. they did have the rate cut. the day they have the rate cut the aussie dollar rose. you would think there would be some momentum in that. there really wasn't any momentum. that concerned me a bit. >> we were talking about apple. we talked about it last night. see what we had to do on the set last night. >> fundamentals, revenues slowing. earnings growth is slowing. potentially margins have been peaking. >> that is something that if somebody put that chart in front of you and didn't tell you what it was, you would not be buying it. you'd say, that rally is something to be sold. >> i will say that apple is much more than a chart, apple is an ecosystem. apple is something that people love in terms of its products and so, therefore, why can't it transcend just being a chart with a technical breakdown? >> the emotion, it's amazing the emotion that this stock brings out in folks. we could say something negative about cat tractor. we'll talk about freeport mak and nobody will bat an eye. if you even come o
Dec 3, 2012 2:00am PST
and cut spending. on january 1st, as many of you know, taxes go up and doeep spending cuts take effect. the sunday talk shows reflect how far apart they are what we will not do is extend those tax cut force the wealthiest americans. there's no possibility that we will find a way to get our fiscal house in order without those tax rates going back up. >> nobody wants to go over the cliff. that's why the day after the election i tried to speed this process up by making a concession to put revenues on the table. it's unfortunate that the white house has spent three weeks doing basically nothing. >> speaker boehner added he is flabbergasted by the administration's proposals while secretary geithner said he believes a deal can be reached by the end of the year. >>> we could find out this morning if the supreme court will take up the issue of same-sex marriage. at 9:30 eastern, the court releases its orders list. there's a possibility justices will hear cases that challenge the federal defense of marriage act or california's proposition 8, which defines marriage as strictly between a man and
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm EST
selling, given the fact that people are worried about higher taxes. i guess it makes sense to unload some of your winners if you're sitting on big gains. get the 15% cap gains tax now rather than the potential of the 25% in just a couple of months. >> well, broader issue -- a lot of them have been underperforming throughout the year. s&p is up 12%. a lot of people i know are up 4, 6, 7%. that's underperformance. they have a real problem how it. they have to stay invested or find some way to outperform or they're going to have problems. so what do you do? this is a real tough situation. >> all right. thanks, everybody. appreciate it. have a good weekend. see you soon. >>> as you know, the market ending the week mixed, but we saw some wild swings following a parade of fiscal cliff comments this week. >> lawmakers expected to meet this week to work for a compromise. >> i would hope our friends on the other side can turn off the campaign. >> we could have prevented this crisis months ago by just simply adopting what we passed in the senate. >> president obama is meeting with high-profile chie
Dec 4, 2012 12:00pm EST
. is the white house going to accept anything but tax rates going up? >> well, they've never completely closed the door on that. >> it's like maybe just a crack, and i mean it's a small crack. >> yeah, and it's a very small crack and it might even be closing. they are very much about the high higher rates. the thing that i think the white house is having legitimate problems with in this new offer from john boehner is the lack of specificity. tony and i argued this a lot. he makes a great point. do we have to argue about rates versus base? is we can talk about base. and at this point republicans have done the same thing mitt romney was doing. $800 billion in new revenues from unspecified chose urs. the time for that is past. i'm glad they're coming with a counteroffer. they have to put specifics on the table. >> tony, under any circumstances, as you sit here right now, are republicans going to agree to let tax rates increa increase? >> look, i find that almost impossible for republicans to do, at least before december 31. i think everyone understands that it is the single thing that the preside
Nov 29, 2012 4:00am EST
is signaling he's flexible on on where tax rates should go for the wealthiest americans. a return to the clinton era tax rates would have households pay between 36% to 39%. the president met with a group of 14 ceos wednesday afternoon. they offered support for resolving the if i can crisis with a proposal for higher taxes for those who make more than a quarter million dollars a year. sdl bo >> both sides have acknowledged that there will be revenue concessions and sbilgtment cent concessio concessions. i'm not a master of the political art here, but i would say if you have these point of views in a business context as close as they are, i would say a deal would be in reach. >> ford chairman bill ford junior agrees with blankfein saying he's confident the obama administration can reach a deal with congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. but speaking with reporters in bangkok, he says the automaker is prepared for any outcome. cnbc has learned the completion of the so-called volcker rule is being delayed until the end of the first quarter of next year instead of the end of this year. th
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am PST
department jobs that could be lost if automatic trick -- automatic tax cuts are formed. >>> bill clinton says he's not sure if hillary clinton will run for president. she said she does not want to continue a secretary of state for president obama's second term. she said she wants to focus on issues to -- that are important to women. >>> let's see what tara is seeing on 880. >> we have a lot of traffic on pinole and then past the golden gate gate. we're in berkeley/emeryville. we have a traffic issue in here. 280, northbound towards santa clara, looking pretty bad. give yourself extra time. let's check in with steve. >>> tara, thank you. there's definitely some breaks in the clouds. jive seen gusts to 25 miles per hour. i dent think this -- i've seen gusts to 25 miles per hour. i don't think this -- this breeze can helpster things up a little bit. still some low clouds around. i'm seeing breaks in the clouds for san jose. kind of a cooler pattern with the northwest wind. mostly sunny, though, today, no rain except we're done for a while. in fact, as the pattern changes here, even the higher cl
Dec 5, 2012 9:00am EST
technology. pxp is a deal maker but ready to trade because capital gains taxes are going up. could be a fiscal cliff. the gulf is hotter than it's ever been even a few years ago it was ice cold. >> big story in the journal about exploration in this country. production 15-year high. brand new chapter here. look at the bottom of your screen. citigroup is cutting 11,000 jobs. we want to get to kayla tausche with more on that. >> we have a release that just hit the wire in citigroup where those jobs are coming from and a charge that the company plans to take in the fourth quarter because of these job cuts even though it expects them to generate $900 million in cost savings next year. interestingly this is the first move toward really slimming down citi by the new ceo. he has a quote in here saying these actions are logical next steps in citi's transformation and says they're committed to strategy that continues to leverage in the global banking market. if you go through the list of where these jobs are actually coming from, institutional clients group which is investment banking a quar
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am EST
's position when it comes to raising taxing on the wealthy, those making more than $250,000. if republicans do not agree to that, is the administration prepared to go over the fiscal cliff? >> absolutely. there's no pros teblpect to the agreement that doesn't involve taxes going up on the wealthiest 2%. remember it's only 2%. >> i talk every day to our customers around this country, around the world sometimes for that matter too, but around the country, and they are all scared to death what happens in january, nobody knows, but all i know is going over the cliff is too hot to handle, it's an option we just can't stare in the face and there's no way we can do it. they will get us through this in one form or fashion. >> interesting call. conventional wisdom, obviously the white house and the secretary hardening their line, and a lot of people are saying the republicans are starting to fray, to concede that rates will go higher, maybe not to 39.6% there's discussion in politico that there's a 37% solution. the republicans can say we defended against the worst case, but we gave the president og so
Nov 29, 2012 12:00pm EST
. if they drag it out and they don't get substantive issues on the table like cuts as well as taxes, then we're going to be closer to the cliff. that's why all these special dividends. that's why costco borrowed $3 billion to pay that $7 special, judge. that's not a good sign. >> josh, yesterday the dow was up 100 then down 100 -- or down 100 then up 100, whatever you want to say, for the first time in a year, since october 2011. >> i have friends in the swing trade community. i got to tell you i have not heard this much negativity from these guys. these are guys that will typically put on a position for one to five days. they say this atmosphere right now is really difficult because it's almost a coin toss what's going to happen from one hour to the next when we're back in this headline mode. that's exactly where we are. i think if you're an investor here and you're looking to capture some of these whip saw moves, really have to know what you're doing. if not stick with what you like and stay liquid which has been the approach we've taken. >> joe, amazing volatility in the market. 200 point
Dec 5, 2012 4:30pm PST
're thinking with increased taxes, because of the fiscal cliff, if the worst happens, consumer demand is just going to fall off. they are already ting action today to try to prepare for that eventuality. but the consumer is kind of blankly ignoring this, and confidence is up for really lots of reasons. i mean, the net worth of households has been repaired. about two-thirds of it has come back as house prices rise and stock prices are now double what they were at the bottom in march of '09. when you look at state and local budgets, they're now much better with revenue rising. so theayof and budget cuts, we think are waning, if not over. housing is clearly coming back. things are improving and consumer confidence reflects that. >> tom: but there is that dark cloud of the fiscal cliff. you mentioned it earlier, businesses planning for consumer confidence to go off that cliff if we go off it as a country. do you not agree with that prospect? >> well, no. i believe it will -- if nothing happens and there is no agreement, i think there will be a mild, kind of technical recession in the first half o
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2012 3:00pm EST
than $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts kick in. the fiscal cliff potentially sending the economy into recession. the fear of the cliff. is that putting a veil over your eyes and pretending you seeing good news that could make better trades for your portfolio? you need to see the forest for the trees. to help do that, liz saunders in a fox business exclusive, charles schwab's vice president and chief investment strategist. what is the biggest mistake that the investor is making right now as it pertains to navigating that very rocky fiscal cliff landscape? >> they are trying to trade around perceived outcomes. that is fairly treacherous. we don't get a sense that a lot of investors are doing that -- [talking over each other] liz: there were buying in on the dips because they are trading around he headlines. >> there's a lot of tax related strategy happening right now, many of which make a lot of sense, but i have asked the question of loss, what would you put money on a particular outcome? i wouldn't. that is a dangerous strategy. >> one scenario could be as damaging a
FOX Business
Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm EST
people with untrained would be paying income taxes. liz: the question becomes, what else have you done right to get it at that level which is second only to north dakota? >> >> untrimmed i was just in china two weeks ago. we are prepared to do that. you have to create a tax competitive, job competitive, business friendly environment. the opportunities are with the private sector and we understand that here in nebraska. liz: have you prepared, not one, but two budgets. one taking into account we go over the cliff and the other if we do not go over the cliff. >> i really have not looked at it that way. i am preparing a budget for the next two-year cycle. we are prepared to adjust depending on what happens at the federal level. i do want to remain cautiously optimistic that they will find a deal. put america first. liz: i am glad that you do remain cautiously optimistic. nebraska is a very important state. you yourself have held it up at certain points worried about that. there is apparently, as i understand it, we are hearing from some people that a deal could be there. >> number one, th
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm EST
the implications starting with what aides describe as the white house wanting $1.6 trillion in tax increases up front as part of any new deal. the white house wanting to continue the payroll tax credit or similar policy. the white house saying that it wants a permanent increase in the debt limit and pushing a one-year extension of jobless benefits plans. this one will be the kicker, i think, to any deal that might or might not get hashed out on capitol hill. "the wall street journal" reporting that republican aides are saying that the white house would like to see at least $50 billion in new spending to spur the economy. so in a debate we're seeing over spending cuts, "the wall street journal" now reporting at the top of this hour that the white house would like to see $50 billion in new spending. that's a new one. that might figure into a little bit of the rankor we saw on capitol hill. it goes against what harry reid told me today. i asked the democratic leader in the senate whether or not geithner had made a specific new offer today. he told me no, no new offer from geithner today. he said t
Dec 3, 2012 12:00pm EST
the fact we're going to have these fiscal drags in the form of tax rates and government spending, number one. and number two, are they even close to the mark this year? they haven't been in recent years until we have gotten closer to the end. will this be yet another year where they're wildly off. >> yeah, so i'll answer the second question first. our forecast for 2013 is that we're going to have $99 in s&p earnings. the street is now at $113. i guess the good news is, we see the earnings troughing in the april time frame and beginning to grow after that. so you could have some earnings growth, which is i think more optimistic than where it was a year ago. but the problem is the consensus numbers have to come down. so your question is tricky, josh. i think everyone knows the numbers are going to come down. we're not paying for the $113 now. abo but as they come down, will you be afraid they go way lower. that's really the key debate, right? and i think people could be afraid around the fiscal cliff or around supply issues on oil or europe, you know, looking pretty weak. so there's a numb
Nov 30, 2012 5:00pm EST
that should be returning cash to share holders and that is irrespective on the tax laws on dividends. if you think there is potential they will change they should be doing it now. >> scott has a web extra on how to spot dividends. >>> time for the upside call where we take a look back on winning trades and give you the next move. when apple shares were in free fall mike made a bullish trade. >> on "options action" it is how we make genius trades. risk less to make more and that is what mike did with his bet on apple. mike was on the fence about going long the tech giant before his personal hero came on the show. >> i do think the action this morning was classic short term bottom. . >> there was a problem. back over $50,000. ould set him so to avoid ponying up that kind of cash mike sold the december strike put and collected $21. to keep all of that money mike needs the stock to stay above that price through december expiration. of course, there is a tradeoff. by selling that put mike is obligated to buy apple stock at that put strike price or for $520 even if it falls well below that level.
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm EST
redemptions we think they are over. the blow up redemptions the people that are worried about taxes going up next year they seem to have passed, as well. the long exposure has gone down from say plus 50% net long to down about 30. that is primarily because people are worried about the fiscal cliff. we don't think that the outcome is completely negatively priced into the market. that is more or less where we stand on that. i do think that there is a couple of great trends for next year which includes europe with the recovery there as it relates to corporate restructuring and banks selling assets. and we also think that there will be funds like john paulson's recovery fund to do well. >> as we head into the end of the year, is there no chase per performance? is there no pressure on the part of hedge funds to make up for that in the last few weeks of the year? >> there is no question that there is pressure. i think that you saw net long exposure widen out and get into the 50s but with the rhetoric coming out of washington now if you asked me three weeks ago if i thought a deal was going to get
Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
is -- a lot of people are getting worried that have been in the stock for a long time about the taxes next year, the headlines, sell, sell, sell, old newspapers, business daily, so taking profits. simple. >> joe terranova was sitting right where you are yesterday, that he had trimmed the timing certainly seems to be -- >> there's no rush to buy, is the bottom line. >> the technicals don't look that good, absolutely that's the case, but in addition to that, the stock has missed earns two straight quarters. you need to see apple perform in the coming quarter. >> you buy it here? >> i think a lot of this stuff gets important, but the chatter about the firm today, how much apple could be sitting number one. what we're doing here is taking price and trying to retrofit it with fundamental reasons where maybe some don't exist. a lot of it is mechanical, as some of the other guys have mentioned. with huge gains, you have uncertainty in terms of what the tax ramifications are to hold this into january, so why not trim, especially giving the b bottom that this stock has had. it had a huge snap back.
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
has been falling, people selling ahead of the fiscal cliff, fearing capital gains, tax hike, fear that china mobile will take longer to start selling the iphone given it's already picked up nokia's latest lumia. reports apple is asking for fewer iphone 5 parts from suppliers and people wrapping that in with fears apple is losing phone market share to android and dealing with compressed margins from ipad mini and other products. as a reporter covering the company i wonder if some of us have crossed over to irrational despondency on apple. tim cook set a high bar in revenue for the quarter, he just had a big opportunity to drop a hint in interviews with nbc's brian williams and bloomberg "business week." so far it seems he didn't do that. iphone 5 supplies coming into balance available to ship in two to four business days online. ipad mini demand outstripped supply which could mean margins are better than apple projected. there are open questions on the pro and con side of apple but the most important ones, these questions can apple ramp iphone supply ahead of the quarter and will d
Dec 6, 2012 2:00pm EST
. is it because of margin requirements? is it because of capital gains taxes? is it because of slowdowns in smartphones? is it alien invasion? what is it? >> it is mayans -- i don't know. i'll tell you that i think the way to look at this is, everyone's getting very, very dramatic because it's a big price stock. it is $700 down to $500 or $550. it looks like it is this huge thing. in the meantime there have been ten of these 30% corrections in apple's run-up in the last five or six years. it is a very regularly occurring thing. it is just that it started from a very high base. the thing to keep in mind, there is going to be selling pressure on this stock just for the fact that he ever one's got big gains in it and there is uncertainty about what the tax rate will be on capital gains next year. nobody should be surprised by this. what's very encouraging, in the wake of this stock coming down $150 a share and being such a huge weighting in the nasdaq and the s&p, the markets have essentially digested this move. other stocks have gone up. yesterday is a great example. i think if you're bull
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Nov 29, 2012 3:00pm EST
. if we can bridge the fiscal cliff and get a comprehensive tax reform and entitlement reform, you would see a market significantly higher. tracy: we have had some earnings that look positively dismal. it is a very big pricey discretionary product, but they miss earnings, that is a real fundamental, isn't it? speak we still have the s&p profit growth that is positive. you cannot continue to have double-digit earnings growth as he diyou did for 10 consecutive quarters. if we get through this cliff in the back half of 13, gdp growth rate accelerates as we anticipate and profit growth as well. tracy: if your liking big multinationals, you don't like europe yet you like the multinationals. help me wrap my mind around that. >> u.s. large caps are cheap, most of those in mall to nationals. but they don't deserve to be cheap. it is going to be a while before you get any sustained growth. you can't make that case the multinationals. it is relatively speaking a small part. the big part of the global exposure is the emerging markets. tracy: you obviously are very bullish equity sky. you have to be
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Dec 4, 2012 3:00pm EST
investors from paying higher taxes in january. a short time ago, management investment firm unvailed a special dividend of a dollar a share in addition to regular quarter dividend, and then there's oracle paying dividends for the next three quarters early. the software company shells out a total of 18 cents a share on december 21st, and, by the way, that's a nearly $200 million payout to the ceo larry ellison, not bad. may be an investor's jackpot, but the stock jumped after announcing there's a $2.75 share on top of the quarterly dividend of 25 crepts a -- cents a share. let's be sure here, it's not just the shareholders, but the executives get payout because they own the stock, obviously, but everybody is there when it's there money. the major averages, nothing wrong with that, but the major averages, that's what you look at, barely moving today, but what's find out what levels traders watching with the move. joining me now, bobby heller from on point executions. pulledded him off the floor right here to our data wizard, and let's pick up on the s&p because that's what traders look
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
ready to go over the cliff if the gop doesn't agree to raise tax rates on wealthy americans." apple has lost a bit of its shine. the tech giant stock suffering its worst day in four years on thursday. several factors may have been at play. investors worried apple may be giving up ground in the tablet market to rivals, while nokia beat the company to the punch. there are also unconfirmed reports a stock clearinghouse firm is reducing the margin requirements on apple stock. apple lost $35 billion in market value yesterday. to put that into perspective, there are 417 companies listed on the s&p 500 index that have a market cap below $35 billion, so the jimmer fredet the majority of the s&p is valued at just below what apple lost yesterday. >>> a fairfax county woman will have to remove parts of her negative online review of a home contractor. the ruling was made yesterday. jane perez complained about repairs at her townhouse on yelp and angie's list. she claimed that her jewelry disappeared and that the contractor christopher deitz had the only other key to her home. the judge says that go
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